Meme Tokens Solana-based meme tokens down 69% from peak


  • Solana-based meme tokens down 69% from peak.
  • BONKz NFTs are currently trading at 10x mint prices.
  • Inspired by dog u200bu200bmeme BONK, the fever is still raging.

Solana-based meme tokens have plummeted in price since peaking in December 2018. The token price is up 69% from its peak.

The Solana community is still in a state of BONK fever Inspired by dog themed meme BONK fever is still raging in the Solana community.

Meme tokens are all the rage right now and for good reason! With the right strategy, they are powerful tool. But like anything else in business, there are risks and rewards.

After the sale, the BONKz NFT is trading at 10x his mint price, but his actual BONK token is still down. This is a very successful and rapid creation of the BONKz NFT.

The Solana community is still caught up in BONK fever. His BONK fever, inspired by a dog-themed meme, is still raging in the Solana community.

His BONKz, his NFT collection from Solana, hit the Magic Eden marketplace this morning. All 15,000 tokenized profile pictures (PFP) sold for 16.25 million BONK each. The project has already generated approximately $913,000 in trading revenue measured in SOL.

BONK token is down nearly 4% in a single day after several previous ups and downs over the past 24 hours. Similar to Dogecoin and Ethereum-based Shiba Inu (SHIB), the token is down 69% from its Jan. 5th peak.

The token began its rapid ascent, at one point last week, BONK was up 3,300% on the week despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market as a whole is down by about 5%. The token’s rapid increase in value can be attributed to a surge in buying interest, which is being driven primarily by traders and investors who see the token as a potential long-term investment.