STEPN rewards you to earn crypto for every step you walk


  • STEPN designed a new product to enhance the walking experience.
  • The application has hit more than 3 million active monthly users.
  • The goal is to design better cities for pedestrians.

Recently STEPN, a Web3 running app with fun games, revealed a piece of news stating that they have designed a new product which is created to enhance and improve your walking experience. 

They have developed a system that motivates you to spend more time outside by rewarding movement with cryptocurrency. Built on Solana and created by developer FindSatoshi Lab, the app helps users to earn money by walking, jogging, or running. 

The idea is simple. 

You move, walk outside, and you will be rewarded with crypto. Even non-native cryptocurrency users have benefited from the support of their family and friends, who are happy about inviting their connections along for walks while they earn cryptocurrency. In the end, the selling point is clear.  

As we now see, the application has hit more than 3 million active monthly users. With STEPN, more individuals are moving outside than ever before. With more people spending time outside, more people are now learning a lot about their city. 

Many people have reported that they are discovering previously undiscovered locations and are being amazed by things they had never seen that were only a few blocks from the house they lived in for years. 

This entire discovery is amazing. However, many people are learning another unfortunate fact many of our cities, particularly those in America, aren’t built properly for the everyday walker. 

We have transformed into people who enjoy cars now. As of 2020, there will be more than 276 million registered vehicles, with over 92 percent of households reporting having access to at least one vehicle.  

The effects of this have been obvious in the way we plan our cities. We give priority to cars by creating wide, open roads that are only used by cars, buses, trucks, and other motor vehicles. 

Our health is seriously harmed by this. Our cities have become barren concrete deserts with little to no greenery. 

As a result, STEPN lays emphasis on ensuring better health and happiness for the world’s population, and for that, the main goal is to design better cities.