Sold under 12 hours, AFL’s first limited-edition NFT drop raises $130,000


  • The NFTs feature 78 major highlights and moments of the 2021 Season in both audio and video format.
  • The decided retail price of the limited edition digital packs is 34.39 USDC each.
  • Approximately $130,000 has been raised from the sales of the first drop.

Wednesday was an immensely lucky day for the Australian Football League, as its first limited edition NFT drop was sold out in under 12 hours.

The football league launched Ripper Skipper 2022 via the AFL Mint program. Those who joined the Allowlist were allowed to buy one among the 3,800 packs. 

The retail price of each pack is 34.39 USDC each. Talking about the project, it has generated about $130,000 in USDC.

The NFTs consist of 78 key moments as well as highlights of the 2021 Season in both audio and video format. There are three moments per pack based on rarity tiers such as common, deluxe, and ovation.

Those who were a part of the first drop have about a 10% possibility of receiving an AFL Mint Genesis Ball.

The next drop will drop on August 24. 

The AFL Mint is looking forward to providing game day tickets, events, and the opportunity to meet and greet the players in the Metaverse.

Sharing the metaverse plans, Kylie Rogers, executive general manager of customer and commercial at AFL, said that they are expecting to utilize the metaverse technology to enhance fan experiences.

She further said that interesting and new moments would be launched for men’s and women’s competitions besides celebrating previous achievements and product releases to bring a whole new and exclusive fan experience.

AFL Mint, the marketplace, was announced in April with details of a five-year collaboration with Be Media. The marketplace will launch in 2023 and allow fans and collectors to sell and trade remarkable moments.