Flipkart And Nothing Partners To Host An NFT-Drop On FireDrops


  • The first NFT drop at FireDrops will happen as a result of a collaboration between Nothing and Flipkart.
  • The Community Dots are housed in Polygon, a premier Web3 platform that enables users to generate income without affecting the environment.
  • Because it will pave the way for a new vision for the company, FireDrops sees the relationship with Nothing as a significant first step.

The first NFT drop at FireDrops will take place thanks to a partnership between Nothing and Flipkart, India’s e-commerce platform. Customers of Flipkart who pre-booked and then bought a Nothing phone during the pre-book sale period will receive Nothing Community Dots through an airdrop, granting them access to exclusive benefits including early access to new items and offline events.

Polygon, a top-tier Web3 infrastructure that enables users to produce money without influencing the environment, houses The Community Dots. The Community Dot NFTs can be redeemed by anyone who pre-ordered a Nothing Phone (1) on Flipkart between July 12 and July 18. Here’s how it happened:

  •  Complete the purchase of the phone (1)
  • Flipkart will email you 7 to 10 days after the delivery date.
  • Customers should adhere to the email’s instructions to retrieve their Black Dot NFT.

For FireDrops, the partnership with Nothing is a major first step because it will open the door to a new vision for the business and the development of experiences focused on accessibility and value.

It also promotes Nothing’s objective of removing boundaries between people and technology. The organization behind the Nothing NFT Drop on FireDrops is GuardianLink, an NFT ecosystem company that enables brands and artists to create NFTs.

Manu Sharma, VP, and GM, of Nothing India, said that they’ve created the Nothing Community Dots to forge closer links with their neighborhood. They recently unveiled Phone 1, which is their first smartphone, which acts as the starting point for a connected and open product ecosystem. By making Web3 accessible sustainably and securely, they also hope to get other ecosystem devices—not just phones—ready for the future.

FireDrops is Flipkart’s foray into the Web3 market. With the launch of Flipkart Labs, the company had stated its intention to look into NFT-related use cases to rethink the shopping experiences of its users and to incubate innovations at the intersection of technology and e-commerce. Flipkart wants to show the advantages of NFT and Web3 in general to a wider audience using FireDrops.