The Sandbox deploys LAND and SAND tokens on Polygon


  • The Sandbox has announced the deployment of LAND to Polygon.
  • LAND sales and LAND staking will be launched on Polygon.
  • The deployment and bridge of LAND and SAND tokens will develop a cheaper and greener ecosystem with additional features.

The Sandbox has announced the deployment of LAND to Polygon through a Polygon Bridge. By doing so, interoperability between the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains will increase.

The Polygon Bridge has been built on the Ethereum blockchain like a Layer 2 scaling solution deploying a Proof of Stake mechanism to enable easy transfer of tokens between Ethereum layer 1 and Polygon layer 2. As a result, layer one frictions like fewer gas fees, faster transaction speed, and greener interactions on the blockchain will lessen.

SAND users could take advantage of a LAND multiplier based on the staking. Users must stake their SAND in the two staking programs- to buy a LAND in LAND sales and transfer their assets to the Polygon network.

Thanks to the custom bridge, users can quickly transfer their LAND and SAND. Moreover, if not today, they will transfer ASSET and experience tokens to their smart contracts on the Polygon network later.

Last week, Sandbox teamed up with Thunderbirds to rescue the metaverse and allow fans to participate in real rescue missions.

Moving on to the features to be enjoyed, Staking the bridge of LAND to Polygon will unlock a 15% LAND contribution multiplier on the SAND-MATIC and SAND staking programs.

1M $SAND through a cashback mechanism will be allocated to boost the migration and lighten gas costs. A 10 mSAND cashback per LAND can be claimed by LAND owners who migrated for the first time on Polygon.

In July 2022, The ASSET token will be the next The Sandbox token to be deployed and bridged.

ESTATE creation and modification will be implemented on Polygon to provide users the opportunity to merge their LANDs and create a bigger space to publish their EXPERIENCEs on their LAND via the Polygon network.