The Sandbox integrates Coinbase wallet to increase metaverse adoption


  • The Sandbox is happy to announce that Coinbase wallets are now supported on their platform.
  • They want to provide clients with additional alternatives for their wallets so they can connect, buy, and sell.
  • After the Coinbase Wallet and the metaverse platform united, Sandbox’s price rose by more than 20%.

The Sandbox is pleased to announce that Coinbase wallets are now enabled on their platform, one month after the SAND token was published on Coinbase (the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the US by trading volume).

Users of the Sandbox can now explore and acquire a piece of the metaverse using Coinbase Wallet. We’re in the early stages of web3, but as a community, they promise to advance more quickly. By providing a secure gateway into fresh dapps, they’re thrilled to engage more Coinbase Wallet users in metaverse and web3 gaming.

They aim to provide customers with more wallet options so they may connect, purchase, sell, and store assets as part of the ecosystem, thanks to Coinbase Wallet’s support.

The crypto economy, which uses cryptocurrencies to build a more just, open, efficient, and transparent financial system, is being developed by Coinbase. Today, Coinbase offers a safe and straightforward interface for accessing the greater crypto economy.

Over 98 million verified individuals, 13,000 institutions, and 230,000 ecosystem partners use Coinbase in more than 100 countries to invest in, spend, save, earn, and use cryptocurrencies.

The cost of Sandbox increased by more than 20% once the metaverse platform merged with Coinbase Wallet and enabled LAND deployment on Polygon. The SAND price is now hovering around $1.09 because of the expanding user base and trade activity.
The Sandbox project was the most traded Polygon NFT collection on OpenSea during the previous week. This week, The Sandbox featured two noteworthy announcements, including a link to Coinbase Wallet and the introduction of LAND on Polygon.