The Sandbox at RumbleKongs Welcomes All


  • Rumble Kong League has joined The Sandbox’s growing collection of NFT-based games.
  • Rumble Kongs NFT holders will receive 1-for-1 playable avatars on the top metaverse platform from the corporation.
  • The other NFT projects with playable avatars on The Sandbox are Bored Apes and World of Women.

The introduction of Rumble Kong League’s exclusive 1-for-1 voxelized playable avatars on The Sandbox has been announced.

The two businesses have worked together to enable owners of Rumble Kong NFTs to utilize their NFTs as characters on the top metaverse platform. A non-fungible token (NFT) is typically a digital copy of a collectible maintained on the blockchain, such as a Rumble Kong character, song, film, piece of art, or JPEG.

10,000 individually created NFTs called “Rumble Kongs” were released in July 2021. Since making its OpenSea debut, the collection has collected 18k ETH. Rumble Kings will debut on The Sandbox on Thursday, October 13, according to the release. The game has now been included in the expanding collection of NFT-based games that are a part of the metaverse gaming community of The Sandbox.

The platform’s most well-known NFT collections that include playable avatars are Bored Apes and World of Women. Anyone may fight for the championship in the metaverse-based basketball game Rumble Kong League, which allows players to participate in contests on both the web and mobile.

Users must have the same NFT in their account wallet to employ a specific Rumble Kong NFT character in The Sandbox. After that, all they have to do to begin playing in the metaverse is choose an avatar. The metaverse is typically defined as a 3D virtual environment where users may engage in immersive games, virtual concerts, and other experiential activities.

The characters in NFT-based games have grown in popularity due to the NFTs’ quick acceptance in the crypto industry. Using characters from well-known NFT collections helps some blockchain game developers attract new players to their gaming ecosystems.