The Sandbox and Altava Launches an Exclusive NFT Collection

  • Metaverse platform Sandbox is collaborating with the luxury fashion and tech-based company ALTAVA to launch fashion NFTs on its platform.
  • This partnership aims at integrating technology and fashion.
  • They will soon launch an exclusive luxury fashion-based NFT collection.

Luxury fashion has always been there and now it is debuting on the metaverse with the collaboration of the sandbox and ALTAVA. With the growing demand for web3 and digital assets on Metaverse, these two marketplaces have decided to collaborate in bringing luxury fashion-based NFT collections on the metaverse.

Sandbox has announced this collaboration with excitement and has also shared its plans to launch a High fashion inspired NFT collection soon.

This partnership is unique because it will allow the users to use an NFT bought from NFT aftermarket place on both the platforms, ALTAVA Worlds of You metaverse and the sandbox metaverse.

This will push the sandbox to even a higher level in the metaverse generation.

ALTAVA Worlds of You metaverse will be used to create avatars and PFP of the most demanded and high-end luxury brands. The avatars and PFP will be created through ALTAVA using its digitalizing assets and will be launched on the sandbox metaverse.

ALTAVA has also purchased land in the virtual space of the sandbox and this property will be used to create a recreational space for fashion lovers. Here the users will be able to interact with ALTAVA partners which are one of the world’s most sought-after luxury brands. Users will also be able to participate in mini-games and NFT/product drop competitions.

ALTAVA aims at developing that piece of land for art exhibition spaces, Luxury Fashion towns, fairs, and galleries.

On March 24, 2022, The Exclusive Season 1 NFT Collection of the ALTAVA and The Sandbox will be released.

On March 24, 2022, users can visit the website to mint the new collection of ALTAVA and sell it on OpenSea.

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