The Sandbox & Ledger Enterprise Join Forces for Metaverse Security


  • The Sandbox and Ledger Enterprise come together to provide metaverse brands with better security.
  • The partnership will enable users to secure their LANDs, as well as their NFT collection wallet.
  • All NFTs in The Sandbox collection wallet will be migrated to a secure Ledger Enterprise wallet.

The Sandbox, a leading metaverse gaming platform, has announced its partnership with Ledger Enterprise, a provider of infrastructure solutions for securing crypto assets for businesses. This collaboration allegedly aims to offer security integration to enterprise brand partners of The Sandbox. 

According to people familiar with the situation, this will make it easier for brands to secure their metaverse LANDs while also securing the wallet containing The Sandbox NFT collection.

The partnership will include various initiatives, such as adding The Sandbox as a decentralized app (dApp) on Ledger Enterprise for Ledger clients interested in owning or using LANDs from The Sandbox ecosystem. 

Additionally, a widget for The Sandbox will be integrated into the Ledger Live desktop application, allowing for seamless access to The Sandbox’s ecosystem. The Sandbox will also recommend Ledger Enterprise to its LAND owner ecosystem, and in return, Ledger will recommend The Sandbox to its clients interested in the metaverse, according to this report.

One of the critical aspects of this partnership is the migration of all NFTs in The Sandbox collection wallet to a secure Ledger Enterprise wallet for added security. This move will protect The Sandbox’s users and their digital assets from potential hacks, scams, and mismanagement, providing peace of mind to businesses and consumers alike.

According to Sebastien Borget, COO, and Co-Founder of The Sandbox, by collaborating with Ledger, The Sandbox is simplifying the process for users to access Ledger, and for Ledger clients to access The Sandbox, making it easier and safer for individuals and brands to prosper in the metaverse.