Vertu launches Metavertu smartphone with NFT and Metaverse compatibility


  • Vertu launches web 3.0 focused smartphone.
  • The luxury next-level smartphone, Metavertu will simplify users’ interaction with web 3.0 components.
  • The users can turn photos and videos into NFTs in one click.

Luxury mobile phone manufacturer, Vertu launched its next-gen smartphone with metaverse and NFT abilities. The company introduced the first look of its web 3.0 phone during a launch event in London as well as on its YouTube channel.

Vertu calls its luxury web3.0-focused phone Metavertu. This web 3.0 phone runs on its one blockchain node. Moreover, it can turn any video or photo into NFT instantly with one click.

The British mobile manufacturer company will launch the phone at $3600. However, the price point for the top model in the collection will be $41,000. The top-line model has 18 GB RAM, and 1 TB storage and is elegantly packed in Himalayan Alligator leather with gold and diamonds.

All the models have a 6.67in, 2400×1080 AMOLED display, a three-lens camera array, and a 4,600mAh battery in common. The phone is powered by Qualcomm SnapDragon 8 Gen 1 CPU with 12GB RAM and 512GB internal storage.

Vertu CEO Gary Chan said at the launch event in London,

We want to reinvent the smartphone to de-complicate Web3

The users can switch from web 2.0 to web 3.0 in just a few clicks. The smartphone makes it easier for people to interact with dapps, wallets, and another web 3.0 components in an Android style interface.

According to Chan, the phone also supports Vtalk, an encrypted peer-to-peer instant messaging app that “integrates decentralized social networking” features including DAOs.

On the topic of onboarding new comers, Chan said,

We have a special NFT investment team to help our users to better understand NFTs quickly

The Metavertu sale will begin on 3rd November 2022 on its website and bricks-and-mortar stores.

NFT and metaverse compatible phones are the next big thing in the tech world. In June 2022, HTC also announced the launch of its HTC Desire 22 Pro which supports the Vive Flow VR Headset and comes with a digital crypto wallet.