YouTube’s new web3-friendly CEO sparks FUD on Twitter


  • Neal Mohan, YouTube’s new CEO, previously stated that NFTs could be an essential tool for content creators to generate revenue.
  • Along with YouTube Music, Neal Mohan oversaw the introduction of YouTube Shorts on Tik Tok.
  • Mohan said blockchain technology and NFTs could give creators a new method.

Neal Mohan, a Web-friendly executive, has been named YouTube’s replacement CEO after Susan Wojcicki left this week. Having spent nine years in charge, Wojcicki left YouTube on February 16 and announced plans to launch a “new chapter” centered on her family, health, and independent work. She pressed for the crucial introduction of revenue sharing during her time in office.

Mohan oversaw the controversial removal of the video dislike button before taking the helm as CEO of YouTube. Additionally, he led the introduction of YouTube Music and YouTube Shorts on Tik Tok.

In February 2022, Mohan unveiled his preliminary plans for integrating some new features into Web3, much to the community’s chagrin, which at the time detested NFTs. These features include NFT-based content tokenization and content experiences built on the Metaverse.

According to Mohan, blockchain technology and NFTs can give creators a new method to interact with their fans and generate new sources of income. He provided instances of how artists, photographers, filmmakers, and experience creators might tokenize their creations. Additionally, Web3 offers unique opportunities for creators to collaborate on profitable projects.

A bit of FUD from NFT doubters on Twitter, who are usually quick to discount tales of common affiliations with tech, has resulted from Mohan’s hiring as CEO of YouTube. Plans for Web 3 have yet to come to fruition, but they might get another push soon.