A comprehensive insight into Doodles 2 launch

In June 2022, Doodles made great noise with the announcement of Doodles 2. Now, the community-base collectibles project is geared up for Doodles 2 launch on the Flow blockchain. Holders can personalize their Doodle on-chain by picking their look with elements such as emotion, body, accessories, hairstyles and apparel.ย 

A future based on potential cross-interoperability with Ethereum will evolve owing to Doodles 2 launch on Flow.ย 

According to the plan, wearable collections will launch through IRL drops in relation to events as well as brand partnerships with public figures and reputed partners. 

The Gaia marketplace will enable purchasing, selling and trading of the wearables. 

Owners of Doodle 2 will experience limitless customization of personal and dynamic NFT identities and utilize them on gaming portals, social platforms, streaming content, live events, retail activations and more. 

Jordan Castro, Co-founder and Head of Product at Doodles, defined Doodles 2 as an amalgamation of collecting, self-expression as well as community, all within a frictionless app that is backed by blockchain.

He added that the community’s expectation of being able to customize their Doodles and match it with their real-life vibe has been productized.  

Doodles 2 will add more value for the present community and urge others to come forward and become a part of  Doodles. 

CEO of Doodles, Julian Holguin, said that consistency in terms of investing in Doodle’s main collections on Ethereum other than connecting Doodles wherever their community resides is exciting. 

On January 31, 2023, the initial step of Doodles 2 product experience will open to owners of Doodles. However, the complete details are yet to be disclosed. 

For those who do not have a Dooplicator, buying it on OpenSea is possible. Talking about those who have a Dooplicator but do not have a Doodle, owners will be soon allowed to lend their Doodle on an upcoming marketplace.

Why the Flow blockchain?

While Flow offers a frictionless onboarding experience, Doodles 2 collectibles strives to prove to the world how powerful building on Flow could be. 

Smooth checkout flows and high-end security will make Doodles 2 accessible and secure for all. Within a few clicks, a Dapper wallet can be created to locate the Doodles. 

It is also possible for users to shift their non-fungible tokens into their personal non-custodial wallets anytime they want. 

The Genesis Boxes

A month after Dooplicator, Genesis Boxes will unlock and will mint second edition Doodles 2 wearables besides a Doodles 2 Beta Pass that could be used in the future. 

After owning wearables and Beta Pass, a user will be able to access the private beta once when it starts. It would be the initial look at the create-your-own Doodle tool.

Reaction of Twitter users

Grant Sparks, an entrepreneur, shared high hopes because Doodles 2 is based on Flow. He appreciated the Genesis Box too.

Web3, crypto and NFT enthusiast @The Open Chain believes that Doodles 2 is nothing beyond hype and won’t do well in the future.

According to research analyst @utsavusheth, Doodles 2 is creating something like Snapchat avatars on the Flow blockchain.

NFT collector @metagovi praised NFT collector and investor @pranksy’s views about Doodles 2 launch and called it a great initiative.

@morethanwordsfx shared their view and tweeted that it was already known that Doodles 2 would be on Flow and there’s nothing to create fuss over. 

Web3 enthusiast @xjbarnft called Doodles 2 a paid effort by Flow.


On one hand are high hopes and claims from Flow and Doodles and on the other hand are mixed views of Twitter users. On the basis of both, predicting anything as of now isn’t possible and must be left on the performance of Doodles 2.