Doodles NFT launching Doodles 2 on Flow Blockchain

  • Doodles 2 is launching on Flow Blockchain.
  • Doodles NFT owners will be able to customize their avatars for different platforms.
  • Doodles 2 will be linked with the first Doodles collection.

Doodles, an Ethereum NFT hit, will introduce Doodles 2 on the Flow Blockchain. One of the most prolific Ethereum NFT projects has chosen NBA Top Shot as the location for its follow-up sequence. It has a transaction volume of far more than $550 million to date, and its new chief official is musician Pharrell Williams. 

Doodles, on the other hand, is going to head to the Flow cryptocurrency for its next big drop. Doodles 2 was first declared at an NFT NYC event in June of last year. There were 10,000 virtual objects in the first Doodles collection.

NFT holders can infinitely customize their characters to be used in games, social networks, and other places. Doodles 2 NFT owners are more likely to customize the appearance of their avatars, including the skin, clothing, appearance, and apparel.

According to a press release, Doodles will publish virtual wearable objects for the NFT avatars via narrow IRL falls linked to specific incidents and brand collaborations, with the goods then exchangeable on the Gaia global market on Flow. 

Doodles 2 will release on a new public blockchain other than Ethereum due to the personalization component, as Ethereum mainnet exchanges can incur high network gas fees. Some people in the NFT area predicted it would be either Solana or Polygon.

Flow is an unusual selection as well as a coup for Flow’s inventor, Dapper Labs. Doodles will be the initial, elevated NFT initiative to begin on Ethereum before transitioning to Flow. 

According to Doodles, the Flow release will signify the start of a long term of strong cross-interoperability with Ethereum. The release of Doodles 2 NFTs will be linked to the current NFTs on Ethereum, which were made available to original Doodles NFT owners for free last June.