Doodle Stoodio goes live! Time to create custom Doodles


  • Doodle Stoodios will provide an array of opportunities for artist and brand partnerships.
  • Doodle holders can create their own Doodles avatars together with the Doodles 2 collection.
  • Doodles has onboarded some of the very renowned brands and artists such as Adidas, BBC, Pharrell and Humanrace.

And the Stoodie is finally live! Currently in beta, it has bugs though users can access it and contribute to its future development.

A new digital experience for all Doodle holders, the Stoodio is the point of entry in the world of Doodles with ample perks for owners. Some of these perks include access to marketplaces, the rewards program and Doodles 2 Character Builder.

Doodle holders can associate together, customize their avatars and find out new opportunities offered by the Doodles universe.

Users can mint a new Doodle by utilizing their Beta Pass. This will allow them to either browse the wearables owned by them already or explore other wearables in the marketplace.

Moreover, they can completely acquire their digital identities across shareable profiles upon buying extra packs and dressing up the avatars. Changes made by users to Doodles or wearables will be saved to the blockchain automatically. 

Doodles 2 collectibles will offer users access to unique brand and artist partnerships; thereby, serving them with one-of-a-kind experiences, identity and collectibles.

The company has plans to observe elements that are popular among users since it will help to create a platform that aligns with the needs of the audience.  

Doodles will also disclose the Pharrell pack, a collection of redeemables and Wearables and redeemables curated by Pharrell. 

The park has three digital wearables, one beta pass and one redeemable. 48 out of 300 packs will include a grail redeemable as well as matching grail wearable. As far as the remaining packs are concerned, they will include colored (non-green) sambas as redeemable besides unique level wearables.

A redeemable for the limited Pharrell 50th birthday edition green sambas will be given to 12 lucky Doodles. 

The Stoodio will bring a new chapter in the Doodles universe and will prove to be a game-changer for both holders and enthusiasts of Doodle holders.