Aave and Unstoppable NFT are partnering to monitor wallet balances


  • Unstoppable domain usage can help to track wallets.
  • Aave and Unstoppable domain introducing an update to check wallet balances.
  • Aave is a decentralized platform that helps in trading Cryptocurrency.

Unstoppable NFT tweeted that people can use their Unstoppable domain to track wallet balances on one of the leading DeFi platforms, Aave.

To use this unique update, open the Aave app and navigate to Link Wallet. Enter any Unstoppable Web address in the “read-only mode” bar to visualize wallet balances for the founder’s address.

Aave is a decentralized loaning system that enables individuals to lend or borrow virtual currency without having to go through a central intermediary. Customers deposit digital content into “liquidity pools,” which are then converted into financing that the protocol can lend out. It began on the Ethereum network and has since continued to expand to other blockchains such as Avalanche, Fantom, and others. 

NFTs are unstoppable domains that are decentralized. Unstoppable Domains are distinct from conventional domain names (such as.com) in that they are preserved in the owners’ wallets like virtual currency, and no third party can alter or delete them.

Unstoppable Domains has over 2.5 million domains enrolled, over 275 coins and tokens supported, and over 450 system integrations with the other apps in its ever-expanding ecosystem.

Aave also provides a native crypto token (AAVE) that can be bought and sold on most transactions or staked to generate a return on the Aave platform. Staking is the process by which cryptocurrency miners earn rewards for verifying transactions on a proof-of-stake blockchain, such as the one that underpins Aave.