Adidas and Bugatti Accelerate into the Web3 Realm with Exclusive Shoe Auction


  • Adidas is collaborating with Bugatti to launch a special range of soccer boots inspired by Bugatti’s design.
  • Only 99 pairs of these limited-edition shoes will be auctioned on Adidas’ web3 platform from Nov. 8 to 11.
  • The shoes feature a black design with blue shades reminiscent of early Bugatti Grand Prix cars.

In collaboration with Bugatti, Adidas is gearing up to unveil an exclusive range of soccer boots inspired by the renowned car manufacturer’s design. Significantly, this unique collaboration will witness the auctioning of only 99 pairs of these limited-edition shoes on Adidas’ web3 platform from Nov. 8 to 11.

These one-of-a-kind shoes will showcase a sleek black design and a shade of blue reminiscent of early Bugatti Grand Prix cars. Additionally, every pair purchased will come with its digital twin, adding an innovative blend of the physical and virtual worlds.

Moreover, MoonPay has been chosen as the official platform for bidders to place their offers. Consequently, while the auction is set to function using cryptocurrency, it offers a seamless gateway for users to participate even with traditional currency. Hence, no potential collector will feel left out due to a lack of cryptocurrency holdings.

The design philosophy behind this exclusive range follows Bugatti’s revered ‘Form Follows Performance’ mantra. Like Bugatti’s cars, these shoes promise speed and a design that caters to optimal performance. However, it’s not just about the aesthetics and functionality. Due to their rarity, these shoes are predicted to become a collector’s dream, echoing Bugatti’s legacy of crafting vehicles that remain covered across generations.

This strategic move by Adidas and Bugatti arrives hot on the heels of Nike-RTFKT’s recent venture. The latter offered NFT owners the opportunity to order physical shoes. Additionally, pairing physical products with digital assets, commonly called ‘phygitals’, is observing a significant uptick, with top-tier brands keenly exploring this emerging space.

This collaboration between Adidas and Bugatti underscores the evolving dynamics of consumer engagement in the digital age. As brands venture deeper into the web3 universe, it promises exciting times for collectors and enthusiasts alike.