Square Enix Plans to Reorganize Its Corporate Structure in 2024 to Embrace Blockchain


  • Square Enix is undergoing a significant reorganization in 2024, focusing on integrating blockchain, Web3, AI, and metaverse technologies into its business strategy.
  • Innovative Applications of AI in Content Development
  • Square Enix’s foray into NFT-based projects like “Symbiogenesis” hints at merging traditional gaming with emerging trends

Square Enix, a renowned multimedia entertainment company, is charting a new course for the future by revamping its organizational structure to embrace cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, Web3, and cloud computing in 2024. This strategic shift, announced by company president Takashi Kiryu, reflects Square Enix’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology-driven innovation in the entertainment industry.

The transformation, outlined in Kiryu’s New Year’s letter, signals a significant realignment of company resources. Kiryu emphasized the company’s decision to focus investments in three key areas: blockchain entertainment/Web 3.0, AI, and the cloud. This redefinition of mission and goals in these domains clearly indicates Square Enix’s ambition to lead in the evolving digital landscape.

Central to this strategy is an aggressive approach toward incorporating AI in content development and publishing. Kiryu’s recognition of generative AI, particularly ChatGPT, highlights a paradigm shift from theoretical discussions to practical, impactful applications in the creative process. This move could revolutionize how content, including programming, is created, offering new possibilities in storytelling and interactive experiences.

While Kiryu’s letter touches on blockchain and Web3 technologies, it leaves room for speculation about how these will be integrated into Square Enix’s future projects. The company’s recent venture into non-fungible token (NFT)-based projects, like the December 2023 launch of “Symbiogenesis,” provides a glimpse into its approach to blending traditional video gaming with emerging digital trends.

Best known for its iconic Final Fantasy series, Square Enix is not new to innovation. Its decision to interweave blockchain and Web 3 technologies with traditional video gaming underlines its dedication to being a trailblazer in the industry.

As the company navigates these changes, the impact on its product offerings and its position in the global entertainment market will be closely watched. Square Enix’s strategic pivot marks a significant moment in the industry, reflecting a broader trend of embracing new technologies to enhance and redefine the entertainment experience.