Buy NFTs and access blockchain via Solana Labs’ ChatGPT plugin


  • The Solana blockchain is set to be a part of the AI world with a ChatGPT plugin.
  • The tool will simplify the way to interact with the Solana blockchain and also buy NFTs.
  • The Solana Foundation announced $1 million in grants to foster the use and development of Solana.

Solana users would get to interact with the network via an open-source plugin on ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence chatbot of OpenAI. 

Thanks to the plugin, ChatGPT would be able to transfer Solana-native tokens, check wallet balances, and buy NFTs when plugins are made available by OpenAI, as mentioned in Solana Labs tweet.

Solana Labs is urging developers to test with the help of open-source code and recover on-chain data they are interested in. 

Based on the screenshots shared by Solana Labs, ChatGPT can recover a list of non-fungible tokens acquired by a specific Solana address that shares an attached metadata link to the NFT collected from the block explorer of Solana Labs.

Solana Labs didn’t share if the plugin will be released or when the plugin feature will be made available to everyone by OpenAI. 

The new ChatGPT plugins recover details from online sources and connect with third-party websites when it comes to responding to commands users request. Currently, the feature is being launched for all users. 

However, not everyone is content with the development. For instance, a Twitter user asked Solana to concentrate on creating a “working block explorer” first; whereas, another user questioned the perks it would offer to the ecosystem. 

Furthermore, Solana Labs is focused on AI, along with the April 25 announcement to offer funding worth $1 million towards projects that establish AI tools on Solana. 

OpenAI also announced on the same day that the new privacy feature now allows ChatGPT users to “turn off” their chat history.

The move will give users more control over their data. The company shared that conversations that begin when chat history is disabled will not be utilized to train as well as enhance their models. Also, they will not show up in the history sidebar.  

The feature is available in ChatGPT’s settings and can be changed whenever a user wants. 

OpenAI shared that deleted conversations will be preserved for 30 days to review and observe abusive material. Conversations will be deleted forever once they are cleared. 

The AI company added a new “export” option to allow users to download their data and make more sense of the information saved by ChatGPT.

The new privacy feature has made its way, as Italy has emerged as the only European country to ban ChatGPT until it abides by the user privacy laws of the European Union in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation.