AIA Carnival Blends Virtual and Physical Realms with ‘Journey of Legends


  • After a four-year hiatus, the AIA Carnival in Hong Kong is returning from December 21, 2023, to February 25, 2024.
  • This year introduces “Path of the Legend,” a collaboration with The Sandbox, blending the metaverse with the physical event.
  • Visitors can enjoy a digital journey featuring Nezha, a character from Chinese mythology, alongside traditional carnival festivities.

Hong Kong’s AIA Carnival, a major outdoor event drawing over a million visitors annually, makes a triumphant return this winter, from December 21, 2023, to February 25, 2024. In a unique collaboration with The Sandbox, this year’s carnival introduces “Path of the Legend,” a virtual experience that merges the metaverse with the real world. This innovation marks a significant shift in the event’s approach, offering an immersive digital journey alongside its traditional festivities.

The partnership with The Sandbox, a leading virtual world platform, enables visitors to engage with the carnival physically and digitally. This hybrid model exemplifies the evolving landscape of entertainment, where digital experiences are becoming increasingly integral to traditional events. Randy Bloom, CEO of Great China Entertainment Group and organizer of the AIA Carnival, highlights the intention to delight visitors in both realms, emphasizing the goal of spreading joy across physical and digital spaces.

“Path of the Legend” allows players to step into the shoes of Nezha, a revered figure in Chinese mythology. The game, set against the backdrop of the Chinese New Year and the upcoming Year of the Dragon, invites players to reclaim lost memories and battle a mystical dragon. It’s not just a game but a cultural journey celebrating Hong Kong’s festive spirit and iconic elements. Additionally, players can win unique in-game wearables, NFTs, and tickets to the AIA Carnival.

Sebastien Borget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox, expresses enthusiasm for this partnership. He believes it demonstrates the metaverse’s ability to create blended experiences that resonate with a diverse audience. As the AIA Carnival reopens after a four-year hiatus, the integration of The Sandbox platform adds a novel dimension to the event, allowing visitors to enjoy it both at the Central Harbourfront and in the virtual world.

Splendid China Entertainment Group Limited, a subsidiary of Great Entertainment Group, has a distinguished history of producing large-scale, impactful events. With over 500 events and 15 million engaged consumers in the past eight years, the company continues to bridge communities and brands through entertainment. The AIA Carnival, with its blend of thrilling rides, games, and now, virtual adventures, stands as a testament to this mission.

As the AIA Carnival readies to welcome visitors again, it sets a new standard for how events can innovatively combine real and virtual experiences, ensuring a memorable and engaging journey for all attendees.