Australia surpasses El Salvador to attain the 4th position in the largest crypto ATM hub


  • Australia has surpassed El Salvador in overall crypto ATM count and has become the fourth-largest crypto ATM hub.
  • Australia records 219 ATMs while stepping into the year 2023, with El Salvador sitting at 200.
  • 99 crypto ATMs were installed in the last three months of the year 2022.

The fourth position of El Salvador in the list of largest crypto ATM hubs was quite short-lived as Australia has recently stepped up its game and surpassed El Salvador to become the fourth-largest crypto ATM hub. Australia is leading El Salvador with 7 ATMs, as the country has a total of 219 crypto ATMs, while El Salvador has 200. 

The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, planned to install more than 200 crypto ATMs in the country, which did make El Salvador the third-largest crypto ATM hub at the time, only behind the United States and Canada, back in September 2021. 

Spain became the third-largest crypto ATM hub in October 2022 after facilitating the installation of 215 crypto ATMs. At the time of writing, Spain is continuing its installation spree and is currently sitting at 226 crypto ATMs. 

Australia managed to deploy a total of 99 crypto ATMs across the continent in the last quarter of 2022. Australia represents 0.6% of the global crypto ATM installations and is well-positioned to take over the crypto ATM numbers of Asia, which are 312. 

If you are wondering how many total ATMs there are in the world, you must note that there are a total of 38,602 ATMs. Out of these ATMs, 6,071 were installed in 2022 alone. 

Nigeria’s drive to impose the acceptance of an in-house central bank digital currency, CBDC, or eNaira, did force the authorities to restrict ATM cash withdrawals to $225, equivalent to 100,000 naira, a week.

Haruna Mustafa, the director of banking supervision, released a statement that said consumers should be encouraged to utilize alternative channels in order to conduct their banking transactions.