Azuki NFT Teams Up with Arbitrum to Create Global Anime Network


  • Azuki NFT collaborates with Arbitrum to introduce a groundbreaking anime network, aiming to transform how fans enjoy anime globally.
  • Leveraging advanced blockchain technology, the partnership seeks to merge anime content, games, merchandise, and NFTs into a unified ecosystem.
  • This strategic alliance responds to the fragmented online experiences of anime enthusiasts, promising a cohesive and immersive platform for fans and creators alike.

In a strategic move that bridges the gap between blockchain technology and the anime industry, the Arbitrum Foundation has partnered with Azuki and the Web3 Foundation. This partnership aims to launch AnimeChain, a web3 network dedicated to enhancing the global anime experience. AnimeChain promises to unify anime content, games, merchandise, and NFTs into one comprehensive ecosystem. Leveraging Arbitrum’s advanced blockchain technology, the platform seeks to transform how fans engage with both original and licensed anime content.

The initiative follows the Arbitrum Foundation’s recent announcement of a significant investment in gaming. With a 200 million ARB fund, approximately valued at $344 million, the foundation plans to support gaming projects on their blockchain over the next two years. Additionally, the foundation has committed to financing a feature film produced by Oscar-winner Shane Boris.

AnimeChain’s development responds to the fragmented experiences many anime fans encounter online. With the global anime market projected to exceed $60 billion by 2030, this collaboration targets a rapidly expanding segment of the entertainment industry. Zagabond, CEO of Azuki, expressed enthusiasm for the project, emphasizing the platform’s innovative approach to anime IP creation and consumption.

Created by Los Angeles-based Chiru Labs, Azuki, together with the Web3 Foundation, aims to revolutionize the anime experience. This collaboration not only heralds technological advancements but also empowers creators and fans to play a more significant role in the anime ecosystem. As a result, AnimeChain stands as a potential landmark in the fusion of anime and web3 industries.

In conclusion, the partnership between the Arbitrum Foundation, Azuki, and the Weeb3 Foundation marks a pivotal moment for the anime and blockchain communities. By creating a unified platform that enriches the anime experience worldwide, AnimeChain sets the stage for a new era of engagement and interaction within the global anime market.