Bitcoin Will Exceed a Million, Predicts Michael Saylor


  • If Bitcoin isn’t going to zero, then it’s going to a million.
  • Michael Saylor believes Bitcoin is superior to gold.
  • As of March 31, Microstrategy acquired 129k Bitcoin.

He hopes that the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s native layer-2 payment system, will expand significantly to cover huge transactions worldwide.

The reporter asked him if his substantial guess on Bitcoin and all of the flush cash being thrashed out of the system is, in a sense, leverage and money and Bitcoin coming down significantly and never attempting to reach any rising notably lofty height. Then he ends up losing quite dramatically. What will he do?

 As Michael Saylor put it,

We don’t view it that way; we see it the other way around, which is that the primary question has always been, “Is Bitcoin real? Is it going to be outlawed if it’s true?” He predicted that denialists would claim that Bitcoin was a hoax and that it would be discredited as the administration, Congress, and regulators embraced the digital currency.

MicroStrategy’s CEO believes that Bitcoin is genuine and better than gold.

If Bitcoin does not reach zero, it will reach a million. “since BTC is superior to gold and all that gold aspires to be.

Saylor mentioned that: 

Janet Yellen gave a lecture at American University earlier this month. In that address, she enlisted the help of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, to explain why digital assets are so crucial to the future of the United States.

People have begun to realize that this is a genuine phenomenon that will be with us for the foreseeable future and that Bitcoin is unique. There is no other network on the planet with the same degree of acceptance or security.