Edward Snowden interested in being Twitter’s CEO in exchange for Bitcoin


  • Edward Snowden wants to be the next CEO of Twitter, provided he is given Bitcoin as salary.
  • Reportedly, Elon Musk tweeted regarding his hunt for a new suitable CEO.
  • To address the chaos that has led to confusion and outrage among Twitter users, Musk began a poll to determine if users want him to step down as the CEO.

Edward Snowden, a National Security Agency whistleblower, has shown interest in becoming the CEO of Twitter. The former NASA consultant took to Twitter to express his willingness to accept the job in exchange for Bitcoin

Snowden has said so as a response to Elon Musk, who shared that he is looking for a CEO to keep Twitter alive. 

The whole scenario is the result of Twitter’s recent controversial policy changes that have angered certain users as well as turned off former supporters. Recently, Musk approved a policy that stopped users from connecting to competing social media platforms. 

Not only has Musk apologized for the action, but he has also shared that upcoming policy changes will be subjected to a vote. To do so, he has launched a poll to ask whether he should resign from the position of CEO. 

During the press time, 56% of voters asked him to step down. 

Whether or not Musk has found a suitable candidate in case he steps down remains; however, he might not be interested in those who are showing interest in the position. 

In a tweet, Musk said that those who wish for power are the ones who deserve it the least, which looks like a response to those who have shown interest in the role. 

According to Elon Musk, whoever will be the new CEO will have some serious tasks to accomplish. Responding to Lex Fridman regarding his willingness to take on the position for free, Musk revealed that since May, the micro-blogging platform has been moving towards bankruptcy.

Last month, in trial testimony, Musk shared that he does not wish to be any company’s CEO. He wants to decrease his time as Twitter’s CEO and look for someone else to take up the position. 

It was in October when he took the charge of Twitter after a back and forth with the platform’s board. A number of leaders have supported him in the crypto world as well as in the Dogecoin community.