Brian Trunzo of Polygon says, “JPEGs are not the future of Web3 and NFTs” at Chainlink SmartCon 2022


  • Polygon’s Brian Trunzo has greater expectations for NFT use cases, from fashion to gaming and beyond.
  • The metaverse lead revealed at the Chainlink SmartCon 2022 that JPEGs are not the future of Web3 and NFTs.
  • He explained that if Web2 measurement was done in terms of engagement, then Web3 is going to be measured in gamification and brand immersion.

In a recent interview held at the Chainlink SmartCon 2022 conference, the Metaverse lead at Polygon Studios, Brian Trunzo, said that we must consider that the crypto industry has achieved mainstream adoption of NFT and Web3 technology by the time we stop saying it. He meant when NFTs and Web3 would no longer be in use, then only it will be considered mainstream. 

As per his belief, the skeptics of the technology are informed by a restricted and incomplete understanding of the overall concept of Web3. He suggested that JPEGs are not going to be the future of NFTsand there will be a wider set of NFT use cases in the future. 

Well, we all are well aware of the fact that an NFT is a blockchain token that can serve as proof of ownership for an item and represents digital things such as collectibles and artwork along with rewards, real estate deeds, and video game items. 

Being a metaverse lead at Polygon Studios, Brian Trunzo helps in carving the way for technology in order to extend support to the immersive applications and experiences powered by NFT from various creators. 

In addition to this, in his explanation for what the future beholds for NFT, if Web2 was measured in terms of engagement, then Web3 would be more about gamification and brand immersion. Pointing to the recent NFT announcement by Starbucks, Trunzo mentioned that he sees this kind of Web3 gamification as one of the most significant opportunities in the space alongside digital fashion

As per Trunzo’s expectations, more and more players should embrace the advantages of utilizing NFTs in games, and the ability of players to really own their progress and NFT assets that can be sold is certainly a notable advantage.