China’s University launches first metaverse major and renames its department on the metaverse


  • China’s University of Jiangsu province introduces a metaverse major.
  • It is to train young talents about the metaverse and its related high-end technologies.
  • The metaverse major is the first of its kind in China and the world.

The rapidly advancing metaverse and its growing popularity have pushed the world’s attention to this futuristic technology. Observing the high demands and the tremendous growth of metaverse, China’s University in the Jiangsu province has introduced metaverse as a major along with other subjects.

The School of Artificial Intelligence (Future Technology College) of the Nanjing University of Information Technology recently issued a report named, “Notice on Renaming the Department of Information Engineering to the Department of Metaverse”.

Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology has renamed its Information Engineering Department as the Metaverse Engineering Department. According to the report, Jiangsu has become China’s first university to offer a metaverse major.

The objective of the metaverse major is to educate and train the young generation about the metaverse and its related sectors. The metaverse major curriculum will be focused on technologies that power up the metaverse like AR, VR, IoT, AI, 3D modeling, spatial computing, and others.

Talking more about the curriculum, Pan Zhigeng, the dean of the School of Artificial Intelligence said that the university plans to collaborate on training students of master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on Metaverse.

According to Pan, students trained in metaverse majors will be highly qualified and equipped to assist companies in developing projects such as smart healthcare, smart tourism, digital education, and other metaverse-related requirements.

In August 2022, the university signed an agreement with Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group to set up Metaverse Research Institute. Yalong Intelligent Equipment Group is a firm that offers enterprises robotic and digital solutions.

China‘s local governments of Shanghai and Beijing have also introduced metaverse in their governing systems to enhance efficiency and boost the economy.