ISU Partners Metavisionaries to bring space science to Metaverse


  • The International Space University will be entering the Metaverse with Metavisionaries in the Metaship
  • Tara Ruttley, Metavisionaries, and James Green will be leading the event while guiding participants
  • The aim of the partnership is to gather educators, scientists, and industry experts to prepare students for the future of work

In a tweet officially shared on the Twitter handle of International Space University, it has been revealed that the ISU is conducting one of its Space Studies Program lectures in Metaverse. The ISU will enter the metaverse with the Metavisionaries in the Metaship for the first time for an onsite lecture. 

The lecture will be titled, ‘How the human body functions in the unique environment of space.’ As per the official press release, the space scientist Tara Ruttley, Metavisionaries’ Director of Sciences, and ISU’s Core Co-Chair and former Chief Scientist of NASA, James Green, will be leading the event. 

Metavisionaries are aimed at bringing access to the space economy and frontier technologies through web3 to democratize education. Additionally, it will provide global, immersive, and interdisciplinary learning opportunities to learners around the globe.

The event leaders will be guiding participants through a hands-on activity in Técnico Superior Técnico, Portugal, where the Space Studies Program is taking place. This marks the onset of a partnership to gather educators, scientists, and industry experts to deliver interdisciplinary curricula. 

The CEO of Metavisionaries, Wasim Ahmed, recently shared an explanation addressing the surge of tech adoption in the education sector. ISU’s partnership with the Metavisionaries boasts the determination of the university to take charge in shaping and enabling the modification to prepare future generations for the future of work. 

What adds more to the value of the partnership is that it will allow the ISU to step into the world of the metaverse and provide learning in a technologically advanced way.