Curio, the all-rounder NFT tool backed by NFT experts

NFT fans have a lot of browsing and analytics tools to get hands-on; however, almost all of them fail to work together. Curio addresses this! 

By tapping into multiple data sources, it works as a robust analytics tool that explores as well as monitors the value of non-fungible tokens

How did Curio happen?

Chrys Bader and Sean Dadashi co-founded Curio almost two years back; however, its name wasn’t Curio at that time. The duo initiated an anti-loneliness application, Ikaria, to connect people in a way that was authorized and vulnerable. The pair were beginning to enter into web3 at the same time.  

Despite their fondness for NFTs, they found browsing them, understanding them, and monitoring them quite troublesome and annoying. Accessing various windows and cross-referencing the information made it all tedious. 

Considering all the mess, they aimed to create an all-in-one platform for users to look at the art, track the value of NFTs and conclude wise decisions. This led to the origin of Curio in September 2021.

Mission & vision 

Curio strives to serve its community by empowering and encouraging it.

Impressed by the NFTs and the way they have brought a worthy change in the world, the team of Curio has a vision to create a purposeful, revolutionary, and trustworthy experience for one and all.  

How does Curio work?

Curio takes information from both the OpenSea API and blockchain and is looking forward to taking data from LooksRare too. The collected data enables users to monitor floor price, rarity, volume, average price, and everything else. Upon getting into a particular collection, users can access its overall details and filter them through traits. 

If someone is interested to know what’s trending on a day, they can explore on the basis of best value and even check out what’s trending on that particular day.

The company raises capital via its Discord bot, which lets server admins serve Discord communities with on-demand analytics.

Curio genesis

Among the major challenges shared by analytics tools is overloaded information. When there’s ample data, it is important to contextualize it as well as understand what is useful and what’s not. Lots of time and effort are needed to accumulate and trade NFTs. Curio community aims to provide features that save time and lead to improved decisions. 

To achieve the issue, Curio genesis opted to double down features that enable users to have their personal perspective of the NFT market; features such as watchlist, alerts, personalized dashboards besides the ability to follow wallets, collections, and community members. 

Curio Pro and Curio Key

Both Curio Pro and Curio Key were released on September 10th, this year.

Curio Pro’s roadmap is one-of-a-kind and will keep Curio separate from the crowd of options as well as tools available in the NFT ecosystem. The forthcoming features will change the way NFTs are traded, thanks to a marketplace for NFT intelligence along with features to save time. 

A number of unique features are now available for users of Curio Pro. The free version will also be a powerful tool; however, to unlock the advanced features and make smart trading as well as investment decisions, Curio Pro is a must. 

The price of Curio Pro is set to 0.1 ETH for each month. Those who purchase in bulk get wholesale discounts. Pre-purchased subscriptions were activated on September 10th. 

Curio Key

An NFT pass for the community is vital not just to reward but to align incentives with members of the community. To back the project’s viability while honoring loyal owners with rewards and advance at web3 speed, a limited free launch was organized. Curio Pro users have discounts for lifetime; whereas, Curio Key owners have access to rare benefits.

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing benefits for owners of Curio Key-

  • A discount of 20–60% on Curio Pro subscriptions
  • A discount of 20–60% on GM Curio Discord Bot subscriptions
  • Access to new as well as experimental features
  • Support on a priority basis
  • First dibs on merchandise drops
  • Exclusive Discord role along with private channels with the team
  • Special events with some of the big names in NFT like Gary Vee, Alexis Ohanian, and Cozomo de’ Medici
  • Allowlist allocation in forthcoming drops

The funding led by celebrities 

Curio’s seed round funding was led by Alexis Ohanian and Katelin Holloway and raised $3.7 million, bringing the project’s overall funding to $5.1 million. Other participants included big names like Gary Vee, Leore Avidar, Hunter Horsley, Devin Finzer, Andrew Jiang, Cozomo de’ Medici, Naval Ravikant, Coinbase Ventures, Amitt Mahajan, JD Kanani, OrangeDAO, and others. 

Curio in the news

The very first event with @dfinzer happened on September 19th.

Meta Millionaires is now powered by @gmcurio, a Discord bot.

OpenSea partnered with Curio to develop OpenRarity.


Curio is a smart tool with features that have impressed some of the very noted names of the industry. The team’s consistency in enhancing it and packing it with benefits that simplify the world of NFT for users will definitely take it towards more recognition and popularity.