icy.tools – The reliable tool for NFT tracking & up-to-date alerts

icy.tools may be called basic data analysis tool but is highly efficient and assists in understanding as well working with the wide NFT market

Founded by Icy Labs in 2021, the tool has earned praise for being a reputed and reliable pick by everyone who is passionate about NFTs. Its umbrella of services includes exploring, adjusting, tracking, and handling NFTs

icy.tools makes it possible for users to know what minting means, understand NFT projects as well as track their wallets or portfolios on the basis of valuation. It also gives a fair idea about project metrics such as floor price and holder distribution besides the volume.

Users can even find the wallet addresses of a few top buyers and sellers by browsing the Discover Tab. 

Some essential details

As soon as icy.tools is launched, “Trending Collections” is the first thing to be seen and includes recently trending NFTs. By connecting the wallet, it is possible to filter the ranking for the last 15 or 30 minutes.  

NFT-based data is provided in the leaderboard and contains sales, floor price, average price, and volume. The user-friendly interface simplifies the process of NFT analysis. 

How does icy.tools work?

To offer details about NFT projects, it utilizes two ways. Talking about the first way, users can have an idea about top collections by using the “Trending” tab. This helps to know about the current performance of the market and trending collections.

Another way is tapping the ‘Discover’ tile and have a look at the NFTs that are minting or attracting attention from NFT whales and collectors. It is even possible for users to sort their search for the projects. Essential aspects of an NFT collection such as market cap, period, floor price, average price, volume, etc. can be discovered.

In both ways, the platform offers an almost reliable idea of an NFT collection and whether buying the digital assets that one is interested in is a good idea or not. icy.tools can be really valuable if these digital assets are purchased for investment purposes. 

From where does icy.tools get its data?

The tool syncs its data from the blockchain every 5-10 seconds. The data is up-to-date as Ethereum blocks average 13 seconds before validating transactions. 

icy.tools relies on OpenSea sales data and ERC-721 mints/trades. Based on the page and a user’s access level, data is reported from the tool’s backend anywhere between 10 seconds for ‘Premium’ and 5 minutes for ‘Free.’

Addition of more chains 

At present, icy.tools covers only the Ethereum blockchain besides ERC-721 non-fungible tokens. However, now Solana has made its place on their roadmap along with other chains like Polygon, Cardano, Avalanche, Tezos, etc.

How to get icy.tools?

icy.tools can be availed directly from its official website, where one can get a trending dashboard as well as access to various other sections. 

icy.tools provides a part of its products completely free, which is great for beginners; however, advanced or expert NFT traders should opt for icy.tools premium, which has perks as mentioned below: 

  1. Latest and historical analysis regarding collections
  2. Additional data and features to follow the trends related to NFTs
  3. Customized latest feeds, filters by whales as well as other tags
  4. Mint, floor price and sales art by wallet or contract
  5. Customizable watchlists to remain on top of favorites 

What makes icy.tools helpful?

With icy.tools, tracking NFT portfolios is easy. Also, it helps to stay ahead in the market and find out new mints, both of which are excellent for beginners.  

Not only do newcomers get access to collections but also feel comfortable owing to the minimalist feel. Finalizing decisions turns easy by getting an insight into individual NFT collections and their performance. 

NFT Market Overview Page

On January 11, 2023, icy.tools announced the launch of the NFT Market Overview Page. The page aims at offering an elaborated overview of the entire NFT market including live as well as historical data based on volume, market cap and activity marketplaces.

The Market Overview Page contains meaningful insights such as NFT trades and NFT volume for each week. Live data of popular collections like OpenSea, CryptoPunks, LooksRare, Gem and more will help to have a clear picture of the current market.  

Other than details about the NFT activity, there will be data on blue chip market cap and volume, leading gas-guzzling contracts, NFT mints and distinct minters year-to-date.

NFT Drops Calendar 

It was created to help new coin issuers and take ahead the cryptographic art.

Those who use the NFT Drops Calendar can view forthcoming NFT drops besides submitting their own non-fungible tokens for selling purposes. In terms of non-financial transfers, it works like a one-stop shop.

The Goods & the bads 

icy.tools has two sides to it, one that sounds great and the other that isn’t that pleasant. Let’s begin with the good ones.


  1. Services provided by the icy.tools NFT can be easily categorized under “relatively affordable”
  2. Its user interface is easy to navigate, and information is displayed without chaos or confusion
  3. NFT insights and metrics offer experience and advantages to users
  4. Qualitative NFT insights is another thing to benefit from 


  1. The mobile version is heavy, which complicates the working experience
  2. The tool is great for reasonable and analytical results; however, NFTs can’t be purchased 
  3. Interpretation and collective details on NFT rarities and traits is hard

Acquisition by QuickNode

QuickNode, the blockchain development platform, has acquired icy.tools. As a part of the acquisition, the icy.tools analytics platform is an independent product; however, the API has been integrated into the developer platform of QuickNode.

Last October, QuickNode raised a $35 million Series A funding round with participation from 776 by Alexis Ohanian.

Price of icy.tools

The analysis tool is helpful to analyze the NFT market; however, premium features can’t be used for free. Upgrading to icy.tools premium is a must to get the best of advanced analytical features. The cost to upgrade is $75 per month. If one signs up for a six-month subscription, the price to be paid is $62 per month.

Users have to make the payment exclusively in dollars. After buying the premium version, users get access to the ongoing NFT trends in relation to sales volume. They also get an idea about the current NFT minting.

Partnership with OpenSea

On September 15, 2022, OpenSea announced its plan to launch OpenRarity, an open standard for the rarity of NFTs in collaboration with PROOF, Curio and icy.tools. 


All in all, icy.tools is an amazing tool for beginners and professionals. Since the complete functionality comes with a premium purchase, one must benefit from the one-month subscription option and decide if the additional datasets have something really worthy to offer.

Since NFTs involve extensive research and ample thinking, the tool is of great use to track collections, maintain pace with the market and conclude smart trading decisions.