DJ Armin van Buuren and Artist Rik Oostenbroek launches a Web3 community


  • One of Web3’s most well-known digital artists, Rik Oostenbroek, has collaborated with renowned DJ and EDM performer Armin van Buuren.
  • The two have jointly developed a Web3 community for fans of music and art.
  • In addition to being a DJ, Van Buuren also produces music, hosts radio shows, and runs a record company.

Rik Oostenbroek, one of Web3’s most well-known digital artists, has collaborated with Armin van Buuren, a well-known DJ, and EDM performer.

Together, the two have created a Web3 community for music and art enthusiasts. As of today, December 15, this community is accessible through the NFT pass, which offers a variety of special access benefits to van Buuren’s music and includes illustrations created by Oostenbroek.

Van Buuren is and has been a DJ, radio host, producer, and owner of a music label. He is also known as the Rising Star or the Perpetuous Dreamer. The multi-talented performer has five times been ranked first in the prestigious DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list and has been nominated for a Grammy.

His great energy and dedication to the music and his followers, which he describes as a lifestyle, may be the key to his success.

Van Buuren started his musical career at the age of 16, and he is still inspiring people around the world with his music. He recently wrapped up a gig in Thailand right before the release of his Web3 community and NFT pass.

Building their online networks from day one allows musicians to sidestep, or at the very least gain an early start on, the conventional path to career success. The way that music listeners consume music and interact with artists will probably change as a result of Web3, which some refer to as the next blockchain-based version of the internet.

Oostenbroek, who brings the artistic perspective to the table, has been working in the graphic arts since he was 14 years old, according to his comments in a recent Twitter post. At the age of 17, when he decided to go all in, he landed his first significant commercial contract with Volkswagen.

Since then, companies like Porsche, Apple, Taylor Swift, Swatch, Nike, BMW, AT&T, and many more have been among his clients. Despite his enormous financial success, it is his personal and charitable efforts that have contributed to his ascent to renown in the Web3 community.