EFFORCE announces public sale of energy-efficient NFTs batch inspired by Steve Wozniak


  • EFFORCE announces the public sale of Genesis NFTs inspired by Steve Wozniak to implement energy-efficient projects.
  • The sale of 2,500 Genesis NFTs is set to be initiated soon, with the first project being a 180 kwe Combined Cooling Heating and Power Plant.
  • The second project is an Energy Efficient Project and is aimed at providing 60% of the electricity needed for a sewage treatment plant.

EFFORCE is certainly dedicated to bringing NFTs to an environmental-friendly stage as it has recently announced the public sale of its first Energy Efficiency NFTs batch. As revealed, the NFTs are going to be inspired by Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of EFFORCE. 

With the launch of the very first batch, teh company is all set to establish a new era for energy efficiency projects with the help of the crypto community. The vision of EFFORCE rests on introducing a new breed of utility NFTs founded on the novel ‘Proof of Contribution’ concept. 

It has been revealed that the Genesis NFTs are a segment of the Energy Efficiency NFT effort and are certainly a tool utilized to implement enhancements necessary for making the firms more energy efficient. 

The sale of 2,500 Genesis NFTs per project is all set to be initiated by EFFORCE, with the first project being a 180 kwe Combined Cooling Heating and Power Plant. Well, the plant will be operating more than 8,000 hours per year in order to cover the firm’s cooling requirements. 

The plant is capable of producing 1.4 GWh/year in electricity, and the price per NFT is set to 210 USDC. For each mint, the users are required to lock 400 WOZX, with the project carrying projected rewards of 735.000 mWOZ. 

Discussing further the second project, we have an Energy Efficiency Project, EEP, for an unrevealed firm that will be providing 60% of its electricity required for a sewage treatment plant. What adds more to its value is the fact that it will provide heat to a sludge drying plant, decreasing up to 80% of the weight of the disposable sludge. 

Each and EFFORCE NFT is a proof of contribution NFT equipped with utilities and capable of providing holders with rewards coming from saved energy by the firm. In addition, genesis holders will be eligible to take part in the private sale phase for new projects published on the platform. 

It was revealed that the NFTs issued by EFFORCE are formed on the basis of some elements drawn from the inspiration of Steve Wozniak, the Co-Founder of EFFORCE. The artwork is set to be disclosed following the actual implementation of the project, overlapping with the NFT staking contract going live on the network. 

A staking contract will go live on the blockchain following the implementation of the requested alteration. The minimum APR is 8% for up to 40% after five years, and a minimum of 1.4 million mWOZ tokens are being distributed to NFT stakers provided that the Genesis NFT mint sells out.