Football games have led to increase in NFL All Day NFT sales on Sundays


  • NFT sales are increasing on NFL game days and leading the 24-hour sales charts.
  • A number of individual NFL All Day NFTs are being sold on Sunday and Monday too.
  • Dapper Labs is advertising the NFT collectibles platform over the NFL Network channel, besides paid social media promotion.

Last month, Dapper Labs NFL All Day NFT collectibles platform was made public. Ever since, a noteworthy trend has been seen in the sales data for the first few weeks. On Sundays, users purchase lots of Flow-dependent NFTs. 

NFL All Day’s are doing great if we talk about the current crypto market which is bearish.

NFL All Day was at the top in terms of the overall 24-hour NFT market on September 12 as well as on September 19. Not just this but it surpassed BAYC besides other expensive blue chip projects

September 11, which was Sunday, NFL recorded secondary market sales worth $1.17 million, which was an increase by 283% as compared to the previous day. Coming to Monday, the sale was around $1.1 million.

Again on Sunday, September 18, the platform had NFT sales worth $905,000, which showed a jump of 204% from the previous days. On September 19, the figure was over $906,000. 

On Saturday, September 10, the NFTs sold were over 10,900 followed by 29,400 NFTs selling on the next day. 

Dapper Labs’ senior VP of marketing, Dave Feldman, shared that increased engagement has been noticed on all game days. He mentioned that there could be a number of reasons behind collectors purchasing more and more NFTs at the time of games. One reason could be the Playbook feature launched by Dapper that serves weekly challenges that are all about collecting NFTs and engaging with the platform. 

Those who participate in the challenges can win prizes that range from cosmetic perks for their profile to packs of NFTs. 

According to Feldman, the Playbook feature has increased the traffic to NFL All Day’s community. There’s been a week-over-jump by 53% in terms of visitors on the Discord server and a 65% rise in Discord chat activity.

As compared to the NBA, the NFL has a different cadence. The basketball league conducts games the entire week, while the NFL organizes the majority of the games on Sundays with Monday and Thursday having only a few games. With this, Dapper gets the chance to emphasize on content and promotions on a few particular days while yielding clear sales steadily.