Illuvium goes beyond ‘ordinary’ with Illuvitars NFT Collection


  • Illuvium is developing its ecology in Illuvium Beyond.
  • Illuvium is backed by the Binance blockchain network.
  • Illuviatars offer NFT profile pictures and distinctive self-expressions.

Illuvium, well known for its flagship open-world MMORPG Overworld, is growing its ecology in Illuvium Beyond by adding Illuvitars, a customized collection of profile image NFTs.

The service will be powered by Binance’s network, Chainlink’s VRF technologies, and ImmutableX’s scalability technologies. Binance and Illuvium are offering numerous benefits to buyers.

Illuviatars, according to Illuvium, are more than just a normal profile image NFT project. Unlike other avatar sets that use foundation layers, the bottom layer of each Illuvitar is distinct, hand-drawn, and meant for virtual self-expression.

Owners may customize each Illuvitar foundation with a variety of component pairings that vary in frequency. They can constantly adorn their Illuvitars with caps, warpaint, jewels, and an infinite supply of other items that they can sell in NFT markets.

As a result, the accessories coupled to Illuvitars will feed into a measure known as Illuviatar Power. The higher the illuviatar power, the more uncommon the items. The metric is then used in Illuvium Album, Illuvitar’s collecting game that incorporates the current Illuvium world.

Additionally, Binance will facilitate fiat payments on the IlluviDex platform. By utilizing its price inputs to establish the ETH price, Chainlink’s VRF system will provide a fair and transparent selection procedure for raffle winners. ImmutableX is in charge of delivering the entire gaming experience using ZK-rollup scaling technology.

The Illuvitars mint is set to open on March 7, 2023. It will be available in packs, D1SKs, and Mega D1SKs.