Japan’s LINE App to Launch NFT Marketplace “LINE NFT”

  • Earlier this week, Weibo users were introduced to TopHolder, a new NFT marketplace. TopHolder is developing a LINE NFT platform using its proprietary blockchain.
  • NFT storage will therefore require the LINE BITMEX wallet. Customers can also use cryptocurrency like Bitcoin for NFT purchases in addition to using credit cards.

In conjunction with the LINE NFT launch, several major entertainment companies have partnered with the marketplace. Popular entertainment network Yoshimoto Kogyo noted that video game developer Square Enix and popular manga Patlabor are the launch partners.

A limited collection of Yoshimoto NFT videos will also be available during the launch. After the launch, NFTs will be integrated into Line’s messaging service as avatars. Moreover, Line plans to use NFTs to enhance its official stamps and stickers. Digital collectibles will also be used on many social media campaigns as prizes.

Japan’s new crypto-collectible online mall, LINE NFT, will be launched. Similar platforms are also being developed in Japan by companies like Animoca Brands and Rakuten. Reuters reported on Wednesday that Line’s platform would be separate from Z Holdings’ global NFT platform DOSI, set for launch this spring.

As previously reported by the sources, the company is working toward achieving its revenue targets by launching the platform in over 180 countries.

Both Line Inc. and Z Holdings are subsidiaries of SoftBank Corporation, with Z Holdings, a company created from a merger between Line Inc. and Yahoo Japan, acting as the internet entity of the conglomerate.

In Japan, the Line app is top-rated. In the decade since Line launched, it has become the most popular social network in Japan, with roughly 68% of its users. Line’s dominance over the Japanese market is unmatched by any other social network, except YouTube.

A mobile messaging app that has evolved into a super app, Line’s goal is to become a “life infrastructure” for its users.

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