Klaytn Foundation partners with OpenSea to popularize NFTs in Asia


  • Klaytn Foundation announces partnership with OpenSea to boost Asian NFT market growth
  • David Shin addressed the collaboration as the next step in building a blockchain for the metaverse and GameFi
  • The announcement was made during NFT.NYC

The Asia-based open-source and metaverse public blockchain platform Klaytn Foundation has recently partnered with OpenSea, the primary marketplace for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The recent move aims to infuse money into the Asian NFT market and boost growth and acquisition.  

During NFT.NYC, the partnership was announced.

NFTs are crucial Web3 building elements for the metaverse because they are unique, individually identifiable, and traceable digital assets. 

The collaboration aims to reinforce bonds and increase the global awareness of the Asian NFT projects. It will consist of conferences, ecosystem grants, and more to expand the NFT ecosystem. 

Head of global adoption at Klaytn Foundation, David Shin, released a statement that said:

We’re excited to partner with Open sea on this critical step toward our vision of building a blockchain for the metaverse, GameFi, and the creator economy. Through these partnership initiatives, we aim to draw out innovative use cases and support the growth of the Klaytn ecosystem in Asia.

With companies such as Altava Group in Singapore, East NFT in Thailand, Soramitsu in Japan, and Blockchain-based Service Network in China, Klaytn has established solid regional partnerships.

Klaytn took their official Twitter handle to announce the partnership with Open sea. Further details will be released later on Klaytn’s official channels.

The project developers of the platform will have access to go through the Klaytn Growth Fund and Klaytn’s developer’s tools and resources. 

Klaytn Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works to advance the platform’s ecosystem maturity and global acceptance. 

The foundation works alongside Krust, the parent company for Kakao Corporation’s international ventures, and manages the $500 million Klaytn Growth Fund. 

OpenSea is a top peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs to assist makers, collectors, and collaborators. It creates a reliable and inclusive NFT marketplace that can mint, buy and sell NFTs and provide multichain choices. 

Based in New York City, the OpenSea leadership team comes from Google, Palantir Technologies, Uber, Lyft, Stanford University and the UCB – University of California Berkeley.