Mastercard launches free music pass NFTs packed with benefits for holders


  • Mastercard has begun a Web3 artist accelerator with free Polygon-powered non-fungible tokens to offer perks to holders.
  • Musicians can access Mastercard Artist Accelerator Program and get hands on artists tools and resources to push their Web3 music careers.
  • NFT enthusiasts and fans can also collect the limited-edition NFTs by the end of April.

Mastercard has launched a free music pass NFT drop in the middle of the annual NFT NYC conference to provide a range of perks to collectors. The digital collectible belongs to the Mastercard Artist Accelerator program introduced in January. 

The drop will occur on Polygon and until the end of April, the Mastercard music pass NFT can be minted absolutely free.

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Mastercard, said that such programs help users to clearly understand and trust how digital assets and blockchain can be utilized.

Adding on, he said that the purpose of designing the accelerator program is to deepen the experience for both Web3 and music enthusiasts.

Collectors with the Mastercard pass will be given access to ahead features such as an AI-based music generator app and educational material. Moreover, they will have access to a virtual showcase event scheduled for coming June with artists in the accelerator program of the company. As far as participating artists are concerned, the program aims to help them in learning the way to use Web3 technology.

Rajamannar said that this is the very first NFT they have dropped as part of the accelerator; however, there lies possibly the ability for others since the participating artists learn developing their personal non-fungible tokens. Despite not being their first NFT, it is quite interesting and they are fond of combining form and function. 

Previously, Mastercard launched a collectible NFT in collaboration with José Mourinho, soccer coach, who was at that time the global ambassador for the brand. Customizable debit cards have also been made by the company in collaboration with Web3 startup Hi and Polygon, with a tie-in NFT collectible. 

The accelerator will be graced by the participation of renowned artists including R&B singer Young Athena, Nigerian recording artist LeriQ, Grammy Award-winning artist Cocoa Sarai, musician Emily Vu and Latin Grammy nominee singer/songwriter Manu Manzu.

The program will have mentors including rapper and Zora Head of Programming Latashá, Ledger Chief Experience Officer Ian Rodger, Polygon Head of Business Development Brian Trunzo, producer/songwriter Tushar Apte and dancer and content creator Nife.

After the scheduled showcase with the artists, Rajamannar shared that Mastercard is keen to continue developing as well as experimenting in Web3. 

He added about continuing to explore Web3 tools and learn simultaneously. Furthermore, they will figure out new places to not just innovate but capture emerging technologies.