Microsoft & Meta to take Office 365 apps to the metaverse, Zuckerbeg announces $1,500 VR headset, Meta Quest Pro


  • Meta’s new VR headset will have a suite of Microsoft products.
  • Mark Zuckerberg has called the headset the “virtual office of the future.”
  • Meta’s partnership with Microsoft aims to bring the latter’s productivity tools to Meta work experiences and Meta Quest devices.

Meta Platforms has collaborated with Microsoft for a series of Microsoft Office 365 products in the VR platform of Meta. The partnership aims to encourage companies to work in virtual environments. 

On October 11, at Meta’s Connect 2022 keynote, Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO, said that the Teams video calling application will incorporate ‘Quest’ and the recently launched ‘Quest Pro’ virtual reality headset; thus, enabling individuals to meet in a virtual space that is similar to a boardroom. 

Applications like PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Excel and Outlook will be included in the virtual reality of Meta. Identity management and enterprise-level mobile device applications of Microsoft will be compatible with Quest Pro headsets and Quest. 

According to Meta, the Quest Pro headset is loaded with new features, which is why it will appeal to users. Also, it is more comfortable and comes with enhanced clarity and high performance. Some of the major features include high-resolution sensors, LCD display, eye tracking, sleek design and Natural Facial Expressions.

Microsoft Teams will be adaptable with the VR space of Meta to business meetings, known as Horizon Workrooms. A number of new features have been announced for the Workrooms too and include even expressive avatars, a new stylus controller tip, a personal office, breakout groups with spatial audio, sticky notes for the Other plans of Meta include the launch of Magic Room, 3D model review and a Zoom integration. 

Meta Quest Pro can be bought on October 25 at a price of $1,499.99. Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers, partial light blockers, a charging dock, headset and stylus tips have been included. 

Other than Satya Nadella, Julie Sweet, Accenture Chair and CEO, also accompanied Zuckerberg to discuss new collaborations and enhance the future of work.

Associating with Accenture will support businesses to adopt both the hardware and software of Meta that are integrated with Microsoft tech; thus, introducing their people with the future of work sooner.