NBA Star Alex Bentley buys $40,000 property in Lootmogul Metaverse


  • LootMogul metaverse is an influencer-led platform.
  • Alex Bentley has purchased ad spaces and seats within the metaverse.
  • Infinite capabilities and opportunities in the VR motivate Bentley to make a mark in the metaverse.

Alex Bentley, the popular American professional basketball player, and metaverse buff, have bought $40k worth of property and digital assets inside a gaming metaverse, LootMogul.

LootMogul, an influencer-led sports metaverse gaming platform, is powered by exclusive NFTs, properties, and token rewards for the sports community.

Alex Bentley has purchased ad spaces and seats in the metaverse in the form of NFTs. Each NFT has functional utilities and real-life perks.

In his statement, Bentley said:

The endless capabilities and opportunities in the world of VR get me excited to do my part and make my mark in the metaverse’s ambitious future.

No matter whether Bentley might have been given the land to promote the site, she is plugging the site. The metaverse is compelling for sports fans and gamers. It is the first-ever metaverse stadium that enables users to own assets such as seats and own ad spaces. Both these assets can be purchased as NFTs and offer lifetime ownership rights to the buyers. Furthermore, they are tradeable on OpenSea.

Ad space can be used to promote one’s brand. The seat can be customized; the customized avatar can be used, games can be played with others in the stadium metaverse, tokens can be earned as well revenues can be earned from sponsorship deals.

According to the platform, they have a first-mover advantage in the $800B industry. Also, they have collaborated with more than 184 professional athletes from NFL, NBA, MLB, eSports, etc., and more than 1.5M high-school and college athletes.

By attracting web2 gamers and sports fanatics to the metaverse with a play-to-earn model, real-world perks, experiences, and NFT collections, LootMogul is expanding the web3 community.

Talking about companies or Gaming guilds, they can own or lease NFT stadiums, seats, banners, game power, celebrity avatars, wearables, etc., for their community. Moreover, they can conduct special events with real sports celebrities during NBA all-star weekend, NFL Superbowl, World Championship, etc.