launches Watchlist, a feature to upgrade NFT tracking experience


  • Collection, Address and NFT are the three categories in which the watchlist enables tracking of data.
  • Users can share the watchlist with social media and communities as well as follow whales’ watchlists to estimate the collections.
  • Up to 200 NFTs can be tracked in one place with the watchlist feature., popularly known as the all-in-one NFT aggregator platform has launched ‘Watchlist.’ 

The newly released feature aims to address the increasing demand of accumulating on-chain data in an even efficient and smooth way. 

NFT investors observe and analyze a large volume of market details as well as ups & downs regularly. These observations comprise majorly of whale activities and recent collection. Since the information is dispersed on a large level, tracking every detail in the limited time frame is a daunting task. has allowed real-time data and with the newly launched Watchlist, it will allow users to build a customized page and handle NFT collections, create NFT dashboards, track addresses and share their watchlist.

Sometimes, a user has various NFT collections under consideration and waits for the best time to buy. In such situations, adding the collections to the watchlist can assist in concluding the right time to buy or sell.

One can see transaction activities along with listing, transfer, sale, burn and Ming in the collection dashboard. Social updates from Mirror with the ability to overview activities by whales or blue-chip holders are possible too.

Which collection has an uptrend in floor price, has highest trading volume and has long-term holders can be done by comparing each collection’s chief metrics. 

For many people, finding valuable insights is best done by tracking smart money. This is why there’s this feature that allows users to track each address as well as check the success level of the address in the past. has expanded this into the Address Watchlist, allowing users to take a snapshot of how an address has performed as well as find collections recently purchased or held by smart money.

The Address Watchlist offers address activities containing mint, buy, sell, burn, receive and send. Besides these, there’s a holistic view of major metrics that comprise calculated holding value, gain, loss, activities and holding value.

If someone wants to track NFTs on the basis of  metrics such as rarity scores, they can be added to their watchlist followed by waiting when the price falls and the rare NFT can be bought.