OpenSea launches a new analytics tab on collection pages to browse trends & metrics


  • OpenSea launches a new analytics tab on most collection pages for users to browse trends, collection activity, and metrics.
  • Three core metrics, sales, volume, and floor price, are shown in the analytics tab across time windows and different views.
  • This process will revealingly contribute to easing out the process of buying and selling for action takers.

In a recent tweet shared on the official Twitter handle of OpenSea, it was announced that the platform is launching a new analytics tab on most collection pages. The tab is now rolled out to 100% of their users at the time of writing. 

This goes without mentioning that data is a foundational component of purchasing, selling, and DYOR when it comes to NFTs. That’s the major reason why people have always relied on a variety of data sources in order to learn more about NFTs. Unfortunately, this process is quite inefficient, particularly for people who wish to take action quickly in the market. 

To ease this process and allow people to be able to make informed decisions on OpenSea. As announced by the platform, OpenSea has facilitated that most of its collections will now be including an analytics tab where you can browse metrics, trends, and collection activity. 

The platform will be showing three core metrics, and they are volume, sales, and floor price, and all three core metrics will be shown across time windows and different views. Well, for starters, you must note that you will be first required to navigate to a collection page and then click the Analytics Tab. 

OpenSea affirmed that this is a brand new experience, and OpenSea will continue to evolve it. In addition to this, it should be noted that they are committed to making this as useful as possible. This is the major reason why the feature is still in its Beta version.

Most recently, OpenSea shared two notable alterations in the methodology made by the OpenRarity team to their ranking based on community reviews. OpenRarity was constructed with the aim of developing an open-source, transparent, and unique rating system for consumers as well as the artists on the platform.