OthersideMeta’s latest clip flashes a dark backstory for Kodas


  • Yuga Labs has dropped a recent teaser for Otherside.
  • The clip features a Koda making a bottle with a blue liquid.
  • The tweet that followed the video pointed towards something coming in Q4.

Yuga Labs has recently dropped a teaser for Otherside, its upcoming online game, which points towards a difficult backstory.

In the two-minute clip, there’s a space that looks like a temple and is filled with statues of Kodas. For those who don’t know, they are the mysterious creatures created by Yuga Labs and reside in Otherside.

There are mages that look like a few Otherdeed land NFTs which include mycelium, botanical and molten lands.

Surrounding the images is blue light. The video zooms outwards and unveils an ominous red light that surrounds and merges with the blue light. Then appears one Koda carrying a sword on its back. This Koda accumulates a bit of the blue light in a bottle.

This is followed by a chaos portal opening up, as the Kodas begin running restlessly because the objects around it suck in the portal. A second green chaos portal shows up and, confined between the two, the Koda sucks in the red.

Falling through the air, it collapses on the ground and the bottle gets into the nearby water. Before fishing out by Curtis, a Bored Ape, it travels with the current, which embarks on the beginning of an earlier Otherside trailer which was released in May.

Kodas have been described as the last surviving species of celestial creatures that were made during the Big Bang. 

Though nothing concrete about them is known, they will be present in the metaverse.