Over 10 million transactions recorded on OpenSea Seaport


  • OpenSea Seaport hit 10 million exchanges.
  • On Seaport, there were nearly 8 million Ethereum exchanges.
  • Polygon had 2,040,676 exchanges on OpenSea Seaport.

WU Blockchain reported the total number of transactions on OpenSea via a tweet on January 1, 2023. The entire trading volume of OpenSea, built on the free software NFT system Seaport, has surpassed 10 million, hitting 10,026,913 exchanges, of which 7,986,237 were on Eth and 2,040,676 were on Polygon.

The overall number of trades on the Seaport has surpassed $3.5 billion, now at $3,511,871,711; the Ethereum trading volume is $3,467,892,762; and the Polygon trade volume is $43,978,949.

Seaport, an entirely different open-source web-based market interface for buying and selling NFTs, was released by OpenSea in June. Seaport, which was initially launched on Ethereum, has helped to offer a better, more functional platform for the users while minimizing the cost of using Web3 markets.

OpenSea Seaport shows daily volume trades, transactions, and total sales of each project based on Ethereum and Polygon. Many present NFT platforms only accept listings in which one side promises to supply an NFT while the other commits to provide a payment token. Seaport adopts a new attitude: offerers might agree to give a certain amount of ETH.

Seaport is for all constructors, makers, and owners of NFTs, not only OpenSea. The primary smart contract is freely available and decentralized by design, with no contract operator, expandability, or other special benefits.

The Seaport agreements include an emphasis on performance and a substantial amount of low-level assembly language. To make it easier to read, they’ve provided a framework that mimics the capabilities of the optimized contract without using any assembly code.

When utilizing Seaport, consumers may save an estimated 35% on petrol prices. Based on figures from last year, it would equate to more than $460 million in total savings. Furthermore, there will be no one-time setup cost for new customers to utilize OpenSea. By eliminating the startup charge alone, the OpenSea community could save about $120 million yearly, or $35,000 in ETH.