Pokemon Company International Charging Pokemon Pty Ltd


  • Pokemon Company International is suing Pokemon Pty Ltd over an advertisement, according to reports.
  • The advertising presented a new Pokémon mobile phone game inspired by NFT.
  • Pokemon Company International indicates that they do not serve as their supervisor.

Pokemon Company International has announced its intention to sue Pokemon PTY LTD for publicizing a new Pokemon smartphone version based on NFT. Malicious actors are distributing the NetSupport remote management software and taking control of victims’ machines via a well-crafted Pokemon NFT cards gaming site.

Considering the widespread popularity of both Pokemon and NFTs, the owners of the fraudulent website should have little trouble attracting visitors to the site via social media posts and other means. 

Cyber attackers can now directly access a user’s machine in order to steal information, install additional viruses, or even propagate farther on the networks. While NetSupport Management is a genuine piece of software, cyber attackers frequently exploit it as part of their shady dealings.

As stated in the legal paperwork, Pokemon Company International emphasizes that they are not their advisor. The Pokemon Company International has requested that the judge find a way to stop Pokemon Pty Ltd from using their trademarks on websites and social media, as well as releasing games or marketing NFTs based on their intellectual property.

Moreover, the lawyers for TPCi, Nintendo, and The Pokemon Company clearly said that it had made a conscious choice not to release any Pokemon NFTs.

The first appeal to the court was filed on December 19, 2022, with the first sitting scheduled for December 21, 2022. Because Pokemon Company International owns the rights to Pokemon, Pokemon Pty Ltd is required to suspend all activities, particularly game promotion.

Pokemon Pty Ltd. is an Australian company that created and promoted the Kotiota Studios website, which claimed to be releasing a cryptocurrency game called PokeWorld. 

Additionally, they have also stated that they have played other games under the label, such as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Pokemon Home, and the yet-to-be-announced Pokémon Sleep.