Polygonal Mind and NY Subliners hosted a watch party in Decentraland


  • Mountain Dew and the New York Subliners hosted a 4-day long Call of Duty League Major 4 watch party in Decentraland.
  • Polygonal Mind will be the development studio to host the event.
  • Various brands and communities now have started to recognize the worth and value Web3 offers to Metaverse.
Mountain Dew and the New York Subliners hosted Call of Duty League Major 4, a weekend watch party in Decentraland. It was a four-day event, making it a first-of-its-kind event in Metaverse. However, the event’s novelty wasn’t all that made it special.  

Polygonal Mind, the development studio that collaborated with Subliner’s team to design the location that would host the watch party event, contributed significantly to the event’s success. 

More than just a structure in Decentraland, the experience Polygonal Mind created for the event featured various levels, a scavenger hunt where participants could earn specially made Wearables, an NPC, a Wearable gallery, a live stream screen, and a shooter game.  

Brands and communities are beginning to recognize the value that Web3 has to offer as the metaverse amalgamates more and more with the mainstream, and new use cases are found daily.  

A pioneer in the Metaverse industry, Decentraland provides new and energizing prospects for community development, outreach, growth, engagement, and marketing.

However, interested parties might not know where to start because the metaverse is still relatively new and unfamiliar to many. That’s where the role of companies like Polygonal Mind comes into play. 

The metaverse has opened up a whole new category of job pathways to provide the skilled labor that turns up those opportunities and offers an insider’s opinion on what works best in the metaverse, in addition to providing new potential for businesses and communities. 

Programmers and Web3 fans have transformed into metaverse creators, experience developers, Wearable designers, event planners, LAND owners, and other professions.

Polygonal Mind is a veteran of the metaverse’s early days and now creates some of the best experiences for some of the biggest brands as a successful studio that came to be in precisely this way.