Popularity of NFTs persuades Solana to launch Saga smartphone


  • Solana recently announced the launch of the Web3-focused smartphone Saga
  • The smartphone is aimed at facilitating seamless user interaction
  • The announcement mentioned crypto going mobile

Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder and CEO of Solana, had a Steve Jobs moment when he announced the release of Saga, an Android web3-focused smartphone, in front of an audience in New York City.

Yakovenko recently released a statement regarding the demands of the industry and said:

This is something that I fundamentally believe the industry needs to do. We didn’t see a single crypto feature at the Apple developer conference 13 years after Bitcoin was alive.

Adding further to his statement, Yakovenko joked by saying:

People will pull out their laptops in the middle of dates, so they don’t miss an NFT minting opportunity. So I think it’s time for crypto to go mobile. 

Saga emphasizes digital asset products and services that will allow customers to effortlessly transact with their cryptocurrencies through the device, in contrast to using a laptop browser-primarily. 

On Thursday, Solana took the announcement to their official Twitter handle to reveal the big update to their 2M followers.  

In addition to the announcement of Saga, the CEO also shared the launch of the Solana Mobile Stack, or SMS, a web3 layer for Solana built on the phone. 

Mobile engineering lead at Solana Labs, Steven Laver, said:

Web3 still feels like we’re in the year 2007, can build experiences for the community … it will treat SMS devices as first-class citizens on Solana.

A seed vault, a mobile wallet adaptor, Solana Pay for Android, and its decentralized application (dApp) store are just a few of the products that consist of SMS.

As per the latest press release, the Saga smartphone provides a new set of libraries for apps and wallets, allowing developers to create rich mobile experiences on Solana.

With this launch, Solana may move beyond simply being a crypto-centric company to one that competes with Apple, Microsoft, and Android. 

The Solana ecosystem’s reach into popular audiences can be increased by concentrating on providing more web3 alternatives to mobile devices, and this may encourage other crypto blockchains to follow the same path. 

Additionally, the announcement comes at a difficult time for the cryptocurrency market, which has seen a sharp decline in crypto prices.