Psychological horror movie ‘She Will’ launched as NFT


  • The group End Violence Against Women will benefit from the sale of the one-of-a-kind NFT created by Charlotte Colbert based on the horror film “She Will.”
  • In Goddess, an NFT exhibition created by the online gallery Eye of the Huntress, Colbert’s NFT makes its debut.
  • The show features nine female artists from various nations, including Aslan Ruby, the creator of Meta Angels.

The earnings from the sale of the one-of-a-kind NFT based on the horror movie “She Will” by artist and director Charlotte Colbert will go to the organization End Violence Against Women.

The NFT, “Why are we taught to dread the witches?” has Alice Krige as the film’s lead in a brief video that is inspired by the folk-horror style of the movie.

Krige plays former movie star Veronica Ghent in the psychological horror movie. Ghent travels to a treatment camp in Scotland to recover from a double mastectomy. She experiences visions of witches who were executed there centuries before and gains the ability to exact revenge for past traumas in her nightmares while there.

Colbert’s NFT debuts as a component of Goddess, an NFT exhibition produced by the online gallery Eye of the Huntress in association with the NFT market SuperRare.

Nine female artists from different countries are featured in the presentation, including Aslan Ruby, the founder of Meta Angels, Talia Zoref, the creator of Eyes of Fashion, Varvara Alay, Lizzy Aroloye, Dayoung Kim, Misha Milovanovich, Laura Shepherd, and Kate Daudy.

The exhibition attempts to solve the gender gap in the digital art industry, where women accounted for only 16% of primary and secondary transactions on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway over the previous 21 months, according to a November 2021 analysis by ArtTactic.

Colbert continues the work of several other filmmakers who have established themselves in the NFT industry. NFT projects have been released by people like Spike Lee, Kevin Smith, and Quentin Tarantino just in the past year.

And today, NFTs and movies are a whole new world to explore. NFTs are poised to reform and decentralize the financing of movies after making significant progress in revolutionizing the art sector, allowing NFT holders to participate in the process.

A slew of NFT projects is now introducing a global audience to a new method of funding movies and allowing its holders to get an equitable share of the box office revenues.