Replicant X NFTs Are Launched by Steve Aoki and Seth Green


  • Replicant X, an animated TV project with “gamified storytelling,” is introduced by Steve Aoki and Seth Green.
  • Dominion X was the first stop-motion short to be minted on the blockchain, as well as the impetus for what is to come. It is a collection of animated loops with original music from Aoki.
  • This ground-breaking opportunity will let the audience as a whole propose, alter, and vote the plot into existence.

The first (in our opinion) community-driven animated NFT TV series is being made by Grammy Award-nominated music producer/DJ Steve Aoki and actor/director/producer Seth “Dr. Evil’s Sun” Green.

It’s a little more complicated than that, in fact. For protection, the next sentence will contain the phrase “NFT Project” three times.

The 2021 stop-motion “Dominion X” NFT project by Aoki was continued by the American duo Replicant X, and it is said to have sold out in less than seven seconds. Aoki appears to be quite well-liked. Replicant X also represents the next installment of Character X, the music producer’s “Mascot” NFT project.

That certainly makes a lot of sense. Forget about it; the important thing to take away from this is that Aoki, Green, and his Stupid Buddy Studios production team are creating an interactive NFT tele series based on a cutesy character named Krypto/NFT fan, whose dream it was to be his mascot. In the crypto world, representation.

In order to advance the ongoing saga’s plot, fans and NFT collectors who want to get involved should probably try to find Replicant X NFT.

The first Dominion X miniature from the previous year was also made by Green and his group. It was assembled from 449 various NFTs to create 10 scenes.