Roblox adopts a wider & mature approach for the metaverse


  • Roblox is emphasizing on ensuring that new content has increased chances of being discovered.
  • The company is planning to create experiences outside of its current experiences.
  • There are plans to incorporate more community-building services that are available to users elsewhere as of now.

Roblox has created a vision for its active social gaming platform to take its community towards a new and never seen before world. 

The company has decided to fix age guidelines to offer appropriate content for users who are nine years old or more or above 13. 

For the oldest group, new experiences such as engaging video billboards as advertisements as well as portals that direct the user towards a branded experience have been planned. 

Coming to other features such as  proximity-based voice chat have also been reserved for kids below 13. Earlier, the company shared an age verification system based on offering experiences to older audiences. According to the company, for users above 13, moderate violence and realistic blood experiences can be designed. Talking about the younger users, light violence is appropriate.  

In the previous earnings call, Roblox disclosed that its quickly-expanding audience base includes people between age 17 to 24. 

In 2021, the company’s active users increased by 10 million in the last year, which shows that the major experience is going well with a larger base of people.  However, such modest growth might not be sufficient to expand the image and please an older demographic.

Roblox aims to deepen the experience to increase the platform with its developer community, user base and brands looking forward to setting up shop there. To evolve, it will improve avatars, chat as well as the physics engine. 

In 2021, the company shared rebuilding the simple graphics with new in-game textures, moving towards realism with avatars dressed in realistic virtual clothing, improving voice chat & in-game audio and launching an age verification system.  

Roblox bought, a startup to make lifelike digital avatars along with facial animations, in 2020. Currently, it is trying luck with video-capture for not only facial but complete body animations. 

The company is also working to add further literal depth through tunnels that take users from experience to experience. Roblox also has eyes set on ad billboards that show videos upon interaction.

The same portal design can upgrade Roblox from a 2D mobile-style app menu to an immersive 3D space.