Victoria’s Secret’s Happy Nation Debuts the Metaverse


  • The tween brand is the first retailer brand to enter the metaverse.
  • The digital integration also includes a play-to-donate partnership.
  • The brand intends to engage the key audience and inspire it to give back to the community.

Happy Nation, the brand from Victoria’s Secret, has debuted in the metaverse through an immersive integration on Roblox. With this, Victoria’s Secret’s portfolio is stepping into the metaverse for the first time. 

The news was shared by Retail Reporter Kellie Ell on Twitter:

Susan Anderson, VP of Creative at Happy Nation, shared that the aim behind launching the Happy Nation brand was addressing the needs and values of Generation Alpha, keeping their parents in mind. Since they are the technology-oriented generation, the brand wanted to introduce them to Happy Nation in a digital space where they would like to spend time, i.e., the metaverse. 

Anderson also said that the metaverse integration is an exciting project for the whole team and reflects a significant step in the brand’s journey to engage with the Happy Crew and partner with established organizations. 

The integration has a virtual Happy Nation hub with three obstacle courses (Obbys), each themed to reflect Happy Nation’s core values of being friendly to the planet, empowered to give, and connected to the community.

The digital integration also has a play-to-donate partnership with a philanthropic partner, Undies for Everyone. From now until July 31, one pair of underwear will be donated to the nonprofit, up to 10,500 pairs, for each player who finishes all three obstacle courses.

Amy Weiss, executive director of Undies for Everyone, said that one of the significant problems in the US is the concern for underwear insecurity. Scarcity of clean, enough, and proper-sized underwear often affects the children surrounded by crisis and even acts as a hurdle both in the classroom and on the playground. Providing clean, new, and correct-sized underwear to the neediest children is possible through a partnership with Happy Nation. However, the need may look small but is an integral part of a child’s success in the long run. 

On February 13, trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis tweeted that Victoria’s Secret moved towards filing four applications for digital collectibles, media, and online clothing in virtual worlds.