OnePlus launches OnePlus World, a virtual theme park on Roblox


  • OnePlus has partnered with Transparent House to launch OnePlus World on Roblox.
  • The theme park offers vehicles, avatars, charging stations and more features.
  • Additional features will be optimized after receiving the response and tracking the engagement rate.

In the world of dominant industry players like Apple and Samsung, OnePlus is trying its best to make its position. According to the latest update, the brand is set to release a virtual theme park, OnePlus World on Roblox

In a statement, the company said that this is an incredible way to attract fans of every age and delight them with free access to the amazing virtual OnePlus world. 

Leaders of the brand engaged with Transparent House to create OnePlus World.

Executive Producer of Transparent House,  Denis Krylov, said:

Through our ongoing engagement with OnePlus, we have been discussing development in the metaverse for some time.

He further said that they chose Roblox to instill fun and design a utopian cityscape with focus on exploration. This way, community members will enjoy freedom and limitless opportunities. 

According to Cameron Rosinski, Transparent House Producer, OnePlus is focused on two aspects, performance and speed. It strives for an experience that allows visitors to explore the way they want. From traveling in exciting ways to finding new realms, they can do it all.

The high-tech park is set in a sprawling and mountainous theme, wherein visitors enter the OnePlus World near the Event Center, which is a gathering spot that offers seasonal events, communal activities and special entertainment.

The “SuperVOOC” fast charging feature allows players to speed up the running. 

Skydive or zipline are also provided to enable players to roam around. They also have hoverboards, pilot futuristics motorcycles and a lot more. 

Players who are fond of adventures can hunt for exclusive hidden locations, treasure mines and complete the word game, Never Settle. 

Alex Smetanin, Transparent House’s Head of Production, said:

With its Roblox Studio constantly adding new features, and hundreds of millions of registered users, Roblox is a great platform for OnePlus to use to stake its claim in the metaverse.

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