Christina Aguilera makes a move into the metaverse via virtual concerts and NFTs


  • Christina Aguilera has filed a trademark to enter in the metaverse and NFTs.
  • The singer will offer virtual appearances, concerts, virtual goods & more.
  • Music industry’s interest in the metaverse & NFTs has grown recently.

Christina Aguilera, the popular American singer, actress, songwriter and television personality is the latest celebrity to file a trademark application with plans of stepping into the metaverse and NFT market

The application was submitted to the USPTO on September 16. Based on the details, Aguilera aims to offer:

  • Non-fungible tokens;
  • Crypto collectibles;
  • Virtual goods like avatars, beauty products, headwear, art, footwear, jewelry, clothing, etc.;
  • Musical concerts & performances and virtual appearances in the metaverse

Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis shared the news on Twitter.

Before Christina Aguilera, Billie Eilish and Lizzo have submitted similar applications.

Singer Doja Cat partnered with JBL to launch fruit-inspired NFT headphones, last month. In July, Usher partnered with Rémy Martin to offer a limited-edition bottle and an NFT.

Other than these musicians, there are many other names who have moved into the NFT and metaverse universe, which have the potential to transform the real world and offer an immersive experience to fans.